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서궁 (1995)

A drama based on a popular portrayal of the events during the time of Prince Gwanghae in early 17th Century Joseon. Queen Inmok is depicted as a virtuous lady who fell victim to palace politics and is subsequently banished to the West Palace. Her stepson, Prince Gwanghae, is bewitched by the scheming concubine Kim Gae Shi, and her ambitions and unsatiable thirst for power leads him to his downfall.

Original Title: 서궁

Évszakok: 1
  • Év: 1995
  • Időtartam: 46 min.
  • Ország:
  • Language: Ko

Lee Bo-hee

Queen Inmok

Lee Young-ae

Kim Gae Shi / Gae Ttong

Kim Kyu-chul

Prince Gwanghae

Kim Sung Ok

King Seonjo

Han In-soo

Kim Jae Nam

Bo-sung Kim

Won Pyo


Kim Gae Shi / Gae Ttong
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