Revenge of a Young Wife's Witchcraft (1978)

This is a sequel to the film Guna-guna Istri Muda ("A Young Wife's Witchcraft"). The husband, Arifin, realizes his bad behavior and divorces his second wife, Sandra, to go back and live with his first wife, Tati. Sandra is vengeful about the one-sided divorce. She asks for the shaman’s help, to use black magic to destroy Arifin’s family. Chaos ensues in the family, including during a wedding reception of the son. At a critical moment, a savior arrives.

Original Title: Pembalasan Guna-Guna Istri Muda

  • B.Z. Kadaryono
  • Év: 1978
  • Időtartam: 100 min.
  • Language: Bahasa indonesia
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