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Boule de suif (1934)

The evil deeds of the characters surrounding Pyshka are underlined by the way they eat (devouring chicken, eggs, cucumbers, etc.), the way they cast their glances (narrow eyes, mischievous grimaces, scornful impressions), the way they generally behave (hysteria when they cannot reach their goal - i.e. cannot leave the damned hut; absolute selfishness during their long talks and gestures - they don't care about Pyshka and even about each other while everyone has his/her own fish to fry; cruelty at its usual humane worst - when they are saved, they spit onto their saviour; emptiness and lack of soul - aimless drinking and playing cards)...

Original Title: Пышка

  • Mikhail Romm
  • Év: 1934
  • Időtartam: 70 min.
  • Ország:
  • Language: Pусский

Vladimir Osenev

German soldier (uncredited)

Faina Ranevskaya

Mme. Loiseau

Andrey Fayt

Prussian Officer

Pyotr Repnin

Lamadon, miller

Tatyana Okunevskaya

Mme Carre-Lamadon

Anatoli Goryunov

Louiseau, wine merchant

Galina Sergeyeva

Mlle. Elizabeth Rousset (Boule-de-suif)
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