Esruhumun eszamani (2012)

A woman and a man living in the same things in their lives ... He's getting married, is a son ... past their fears and shadows boşanıyor always watching them. But they soldier on, without having to give up hope, moving on. After a while, they find themselves in a fairy tale world. They will begin working for the hand of chance ... Co Co Posted soul ... love, revealing the effects of positive thinking to human life story ... a mysterious chain of events that will redefine ... Aşk'ın emotions might be tempted to stimulate and viewers to question their own lives and synchronicities ... Cinema lovers of romance will embrace a great feast in the hands of mystery films: Co-Co Time of my soul ...

Original Title: Eşruhumun Eşzamanı

  • R. Şanal Günseli
  • Év: 2012
  • Ország:
  • Language: Türkçe
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